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Booking Engine Optimization

Competition with online sales channels with ever-evolving technologies is only possible thanks to a good booking engine.


We direct the demands of your hotel to your website and minimize your commission payment costs.

 Our business partner in Croatia produces advanced technology and allows your hotel to book on its website.

Booking Engine
Channel Manager
Online Channel Manager Optimization

Managing all your online sales channels from a single point means minimizing the error and saving time.


In Turkey, the most prestigious hotel of choice for this matter, the world leader in a technology company of Turkey business partner.


We bridge your agreements and connections and make it work smoothly.

Global Distribution Systems Optimization

With our online distribution channels solution partner based in Switzerland, you can manage your hotel's definition, images, rates and availability on all of your channels, as well as giving you full control over your content at any time.


In this way, you will have the opportunity to reach travel agencies around the world. Both GDS and IDS connections will be provided from a single source.

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